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Discover the transformative difference in just 3-4 sessions! Our exclusive methods are meticulously tailored to provide you with personalized relief, ensuring you find the ultimate solution you've been seeking. Experience the joy of freedom from pain with our unparalleled approach.

Your body craves a recharge just like your phone craves its charger. Time to power up and feel fantastic!

Utilizing Space Age Technology for Bioelectrical Feedback Analysis and Tissue Impedance Scans.

Step into the realm of our groundbreaking methodology, where meticulous troubleshooting meets the frontier of space-age technology. With unparalleled precision, we delve into the depths of bioelectrical feedback and tissue impedance, uncovering the origins of electrical anomalies. Through this journey of discovery, we not only rectify damaged tissue but also forge sustainable solutions that promise lasting repair, ushering in a new era of innovation and longevity.


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Let's embark on a journey to better health, together.

Pain Relief

"Feel relief like never before as we swiftly stop pain in its tracks. We help clients transition off medications, bringing them back to an active, healthy lifestyle."

Restore Function

Replenish your body's energy using our natural therapy, which rejuvenates cells and enhances nerve function to revitalize you.

Active Lifestyle

Transform your fitness journey effortlessly with our methods, as you rediscover the joy of an active lifestyle.

Struggling with chronic pain or discomfort?

Discover how our care makes all the difference.

At Heshmat Pain Management Clinic, we blend expertise and personalized care to address your unique health needs. Our experienced team in Physio-therapy and Chiropractic practices ensures you receive the highest quality of care. Let us guide you on your path to wellness, making us your trusted partner in health.


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Dedicated professionals at the forefront of pain management.

At Heshmat Pain Management Clinic, we pride ourselves on a team that blends expertise and compassion. Led by Alen Heshmat D.C. 


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Book A Consultation Today!

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Get A Customized Treatment Plan!

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Start Feeling Like New Again!

Start Feeling Like New Again!

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