Neck, at our clinics, we specialize in addressing neck strains through a comprehensive approach that combines advanced technologies and precise chiropractic techniques. We utilize cutting-edge devices such as the Electro-Acuscope and the Electro-myopulse to target damaged soft tissue and promote healing. Additionally, we employ disc decompression therapy to alleviate pressure on the spinal discs and reduce inflammation. Our skilled chiropractors also administer gentle manipulations to restore proper joint function in the spine. To complement these treatments, we provide measured pillows designed to support the neck muscles and promote optimal spinal alignment during sleep. Furthermore, we offer recommendations for mattresses that are compatible with our custom-sized pillows, ensuring comprehensive support for neck health both day and night. With our integrated approach, we strive to provide effective solutions for neck strains, helping our patients regain comfort, mobility, and overall wellness. Additionally, we assess posture and ergonomics to identify areas for improvement, reducing stress on the neck muscles and promoting better overall posture.

Lower back, at our clinics, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to address lower back pain, leveraging advanced technologies alongside traditional chiropractic techniques. With tools such as the Electro-Acuscope and the Electro-Myopulse, we target damaged soft tissue directly, facilitating healing and reducing inflammation. Our disc decompression therapy further aids in relieving pressure on spinal discs, promoting spinal health and function. Additionally, our skilled chiropractors administer precise and gentle manipulations to restore proper joint function in the spine, addressing underlying issues contributing to lower back pain. To provide comprehensive support, we offer posture supports, back supports, and specialty custom orthotics designed to alleviate stress on the sacroiliac joints and minimize wear and tear on the muscles and joints of the lower back. We also emphasize the importance of proper bedding, recommending firm mattresses to support the spine effectively. Furthermore, utilizing neck pillows has shown significant improvement in lower back muscle function by promoting optimal alignment during sleep. Through our integrative approach, we aim to empower patients with effective solutions for managing and alleviating lower back pain, promoting long-term relief and improved quality of life.