TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, can cause significant discomfort and impact daily life. Stress and clenching, whether during the day or at night, are common triggers for TMJ. Additionally, prolonged dental work that requires holding the mouth open for extended periods can lead to strain in the jaw muscles, exacerbating TMJ symptoms. Chewing predominantly on one side and muscle tightness in the upper back and neck from activities such as computer use can also contribute to TMJ issues. At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to TMJ treatment. In addition to gentle microcurrent and frequency therapy to address TMJ pain and restore balance to the jaw condyles, we also provide gentle joint mobilizations in the neck and jaw. These mobilizations have shown to help alleviate TMJ symptoms by improving joint function and reducing tension in the surrounding muscles. By targeting the underlying muscle imbalances and tension, we aim to alleviate TMJ symptoms and improve jaw function. Many TMJ patients also experience headaches, as the muscles involved are interconnected. Through our comprehensive approach, we not only address TMJ discomfort but also work to alleviate associated headaches, providing holistic relief for our patients.